SWISS WATER® Decaffeination Magic Trick Explained

January 3rd, 2008

The SWISS WATER® Process is a 100% chemical-free coffee decaffeination process that produces robust, swiss water decafgreat-tasting decaf. Most other processes use chemical solvents like methylene chloride to remove caffeine from coffee beans. This is not only unhealthy but also removes more flavor than necessary! Conversely, the SWISS WATER® Process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing pure, water-processed decaf coffee.

View the graphical explanation of the natural decaffeination process here.

All of the fine Flavorbean coffees are available in Regular or Decaf, and as always remain Natural. It takes about 8 hours to naturally remove 99.9% of the caffeine, and it is worth it. For example, my friend Howie was here in San Francisco for the holidays and he has some issues with caffeine and his stomach. I am a good host, but seriously I do not need a gassy guest stinking this place up. That is what would happen- trust me, it’s not a pretty sight and hats off to the Swiss Water Process for saving the day! Smelling the aroma of freshly brewed Organic Flavorbean Hazelnut Coffee was a win-win!

News: Antioxidants are good – Regular or Decaf Coffees Both Awesome

January 1st, 2008

The good folks over at posted an interesting article about Antioxidants and potency. A couple of the key points were:

Prefer decaf? That’s okay. Caffeinefree coffee offered the same LDL protection in these test-tube studies that the joltin’ joe provided.

And what happens if you add milk?

Concerned that milk might bind to the antioxidant compounds in one or more of these beverages, Richelle’s group investigated whether adding dairy would compromise a drink’s antioxidant potency. The scientists mixed in enough milk to equal 10 percent of the volume for the brews and a full 66 percent of the volume for cocoa. To their surprise, they found no change in any of the drinks’ LDL protection.

Read the whole article here.

Flavorbean 120x300.gifWho hasn’t spent hours contemplating whether milk blocks the potency of coffee antioxidants? Ok, maybe you have not obsessed about it, but it is nice to know that milk is ok with coffee.

Flavorbean has lots of information about coffee’s health benefits as well. Being a natural coffee product, only furthers the health value Flavorbean drinkers enjoy!

BBC News: Coffee ‘fights allergies’

January 1st, 2008

Drinking a strong cup of coffee can relieve the symptoms of hayfever and prevent severe allergic reactions, claim researchers. They said they had successfully prevented even acute allergic responses such as anaphylactic shock, which can kill.

The finding, from researchers in South Korea, could have lifesaving implications for people who are allergic to nuts and bee stings.

Read the whole article.

Coffee is a life-saver for me as well- independently of the allergy reducing benefits that were studied by the South Korean researchers. Actually, I am allergic to starting the day without fresh-roasted coffee lol! It is nice to know that if one has bee sting allergies, a coffee can reduce the symptoms- but if you fall into that category, go see your physician ;-) .

Flavorbean Nicaraguan Dark Roast – Review

December 24th, 2007

Good morning- That’s what it is when I see these fresh, nicely dark-roasted plump coffee beans! For me, flavored coffees are not my general choice for the wake-up brew. I need that straight-up traditional all coffee aroma to get me going, and I do not want anything getting in the way. My friends and family can tell you- I am absolutely useless until I have my morning coffee (some may say I am still useless after it though hehehe).

So, let’s get this JavaBuzz party started:

Here is the description of the Nicaraguan Dark Roast from the site:

traditional nicaraguan coffee100% Nicaraguan Dark Roast Coffee

For fans of a potent Arabica, our 100% Nicaraguan dark roast coffee is procured from the highest elevations, ensuring a rich, concentrated flavor. Hailing from elevations of 3900 feet to 5900 feet in Nicaragua’s Matagalpa growing region, this shade-grown coffee meets rigorous “Strictly Hard Bean” (SHB) and “Strictly High Grown” (SHG) standards. It is a bright, clean cup of coffee, vivid on the palate, and highly restorative any time of day. (12 oz. bag)

The site and smell of this coffee is pleasing in both regards- the beans are slightly shiny and fairly large. Today, we are using whole beans and I will brb after I grind these up and get our brew rolling…….. <insert Jeopardy Theme Music here>

Alrighty, what a robust aroma in here now! Great aroma! As usual, I will take the first taste without sugar or milk/cream – ay caramba – crisp and clean, full-bodied, nutty yumminess abounds! It is a pleasure and a treat- I know, it’s just a cup of coffee – but, it is already getting me going. Nice caffeine dose in this first cup btw and I am typing faster (which might be tough for you to tell lol).

Flavorbean Traditional Coffee Saved The Day! Time to turn on the phone ringers and accept visitors ;-) .

Ego Schmeego- Flavorbean Invites Flavor Suggestions

December 23rd, 2007

Head’s up to the coffee community- there is a quick and painless “Suggest A Flavor” link on Here is a list of the current Flavors:

  • Almond Coffee – Organic
  • Almond Love Coffee
  • Amaretto Coffee
  • Amaretto Coffee – Organic
  • Black Forest Cake Coffee
  • Breakfast Blend Coffee
  • Candy Bar Coffee
  • Caramel Coffee
  • Caramel Coffee – Organic
  • Caramel Nut Fudge Coffee
  • Cherry Berry Coffee
  • Cherry Coffee
  • Chocolate Almond Coffee
  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Chocolate Nut Coffee
  • Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
  • Chocolate Raspberry Creme Coffee
  • Cinn-A-Nut Coffee
  • Cinnamon Coffee
  • Cinnamon Coffee – Organic
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme Coffee
  • Cinnamon Pecan Brownie Coffee
  • Coconut Coffee
  • Colombian Coffee – Organic
  • Colombian Medium Roast Coffee
  • French Vanilla Coffee – Organic
  • French Vanilla Coffee
  • Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee
  • Hazelnut Coffee
  • Hazelnut Coffee – Organic
  • Holiday Grog Coffee
  • Irish Cream Coffee
  • Jamaican Island Coffee
  • Mint Chocolate Coffee
  • Nicaraguan Dark Roast Coffee
  • Pecan Coffee
  • Peppermint Stick Coffee
  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee
  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee – Organic
  • Raspberry Coffee
  • Raspberry Creme Coffee
  • Raspberry Nut Coffee
  • Sambuca Coffee
  • Tropical Raspberry Coffee
  • Tropical Vanilla Coffee
  • Vanilla Macadamia Coffee
  • Vanilla Nut Coffee
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    Peppermint Stick, Natural Flavorbean Coffee: Review…mmm aroma

    December 23rd, 2007

    peppermint stick coffee Ok, I just opened up the sealed Peppermint Stick Flavorbean Coffee & the peppermint scent smells like when I scrunch the peppermint leaves in Michael’s herb garden with my fingers. The mint is noticeably clean smelling and fragrant.

    I am using ground coffee for today’s review and have placed enough coffee into the coffeemaker to make about 3 cups. brb….

    The whole house is smelling very festive right now as we brew-

    time for the moment of truth… but before that- I have to tell you my nice oversized Flavorbean Ceramic Mug is perfect for this situation- a regular-sized cup is too small right now. black mug

    drumroll please……… tasting it au natural…. Wow! Nice robust coffee with a fresh minty zing. The coffee tastes like it has a bit of natural sweetness on its own. I am adding some sugar and 1% milk now for my usual setup- this is a really good flavored coffee. It tastes like a fresh roasted coffee with mint. I don’t smoke, but this coffee tastes better than the menthols Kendra used to smoke in high school i bet lol.

    Peppermint Stick Flavorbean is a nice treat on this lazy Sunday afternoon- it will be perfect to top-off our upcoming holiday party!

    Oooh- nice kick caffeine-wise too :)

    Study: Drinking Coffee Has Health Benefits

    December 23rd, 2007

    “A Cup a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

    For those who are excited about coffee as a source of antioxidants, Vinson recommends drinking one cup of joe a day.

    “It’s the optimum I see that has a benefit for the heart,” he said.

    He also offered some advice for coffee drinkers. “Spread your coffee drinking throughout the day,” he said. “Caffeine raises your blood pressure, so if you are going to drink a lot of coffee, choose decaf,” he added. Decaf has the same antioxidant benefits as regular coffee….”
    ABCnews link – Read the whole article

    “…Antioxidants, which are thought to help battle cancer and provide other health benefits, are abundant in grains, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables. ….
    They concluded that the average adult consumes 1,299 milligrams of antioxidants daily from coffee. The closest competitor was tea at 294 milligrams. Rounding out the top five sources were bananas, 76 milligrams; dry beans, 72 milligrams; and corn, 48 milligrams. According to the Agriculture Department, the typical adult American drinks 1.64 cups of coffee daily. ….”
    CBSnews link – Read the whole article

    “…. In February, a team of Japanese researchers reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that people who drank coffee daily, or nearly every day, had half the liver cancer risk of those who never drank it. The protective effect occurred in people who drank one to two cups a day and increased at three to four cups.

    Last year, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking coffee cut the risk of developing the most common form of diabetes. …”
    Wired News link – Read the whole article

    Considering the health benefits of plant-based antioxidants, such as found in coffees, why would big corporations use the equivalent of anti-freeze to adhere flavor to coffee beans?

    Flavorbean Coffee Company @ Forbes 1 Week After Launch- Yay!

    December 23rd, 2007…

    Flavorbean Coffee Company … has succeeded in completely eliminating the use of petro-chemical solvents in flavoring its high-grade specialty coffees, becoming the world’s first coffee company to do so.” Click the link to read the whole release.

    JavaBuzz vs. Flavorbean

    December 22nd, 2007

    chemical solvents square fb ban

    Hello to you and thanks for visiting! My name is Evan and I co-founded Essociate, Inc.. Flavorbean is a great project for our company and clients because it is a first-ever product. In the course of building the web infrastructure for the release of Flavorbean- Michael, Rodney, Brian, Kendra and myself have all been educated as to the reality behind other flavored coffees.

    Although, we have an interest in the success of Flavorbean the business, we will maintain an honest and real atmosphere at JavaBuzz. Personally, I have always resisted drinking flavored coffees due to the weird chemmy taste. Once I tasted Flavorbean, I was a believer in natural flavor infusion and I have been drinking flavored coffee ever since!

    December 22nd, 2007

    get your JavaBuzz On with us here soon!